Could a loan for your club’s season ticket help with rising costs?

December 2nd, 2013

If intending to join the ranks of other fans during the current season of your favorite club’s fixtures, then you may seek the saving grace of funding. Indeed, a loan to cater for a season ticket could help with rising costs. loanWith regard to the Football Association (FA) in the UK, reports reveal that clubs have hiked their prices by about 2.30 percent over those of the previous season in order to get running again in domestic and continental leagues. The same case applies to many other league types, outside football, which is why a fan requires the bolstering role of financial support below:

Main Features of the Financial Support

Usually, a loan to cater for ticket-price hikes comes with the following benefits:
It provides sufficient amount to cover the total cost per match or several fixtures, with a starting amount of about 50 Sterling Pounds.

It also features a low interest rate and lasts for the duration of the season, thus creating repayment convenience.
The plan has the full support of the teams that the fan supports.
The Procedure of Securing Funds
The first step to test on whether a credit could be the missing link for your attending a live match amid rising costs is to go to a portal that offers the seasonal funding. The second step is to select a club that matches the criteria. Usually, many financiers offer from as low as 50 Sterling Pounds worth of monetary remissions every month. Benefits of this procedure include:

It is accessible by any fan with an account on the financier’s portal.

It offers 30-day repayment duration, thus coinciding with the paydays of most applicants.
Therefore, if wondering on how to diminish out-of-pocket costs that are implicit with a rise in ticket prices this season, then a loan maybe the safe bet for you. It comes with full recognition by the managers of the clubs whose matches you want to watch live. These teams usually authorize the companies providing the financial help to run the funding programs. This means that the plan is authoritative, efficient and secure for any fan!

Has UK football been improved or ruined because of the amount of money that’s in the game?

November 15th, 2013

UK football has become big business over the last twenty years. The evolution of the Premier League has meant that increasingly clubs have had to invest massive amounts of money simply in order for their teams to have any hope of competing at the top level of British football.

However, some football supporters believe this big spending may be bad for the game as over-investment can lead to disaster. Sometimes poor financial-management has led clubs to take on more debt than they could handle (Leeds United and Portsmouth are both good examples of this). Sadly, when this happens the situation can be very bad as the club struggles to survive under a debt-burden.UK football

The alternative viewpoint is that it is only by making large investments that British football can keep growing. Currently, many people believe that the top clubs in the UK are amongst the very best in the world of professional football. In order to keep this level of competitiveness, it is necessary to keep investing in the best players. This idea is especially important when other leagues around the world continue to spend massive amounts of money each year, it would seem important for British sport that British football clubs are not left behind.

The truth is that many top UK football clubs are in the enviable position of having large sponsorship – and television rights – income. The question is what should they be spending that money on? Is it permissible to spend ten million on a new training facility to help young players to develop, or is that too extravagant. Conversely some clubs spend ten million on single a new player; again, that is the club’s choice to make. In short, as with individuals some teams invest wisely, and some do not. The main thing football fans want to see is an entertaining match and as long as British football continues to provide entertainment the future of the game seems secure.