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Downhill Second Half started out in 2009 as an alternative viewpoint on Barnet FC.

Totally independent of the club, we set out to talk about amusing away day stories with minimal emphasis on the actual football side of it. However, as time went on we often used the site to vent our frustration on how things were progressing (or not) at the club, as the articles of 2010-2013 will certainly demonstrate.

As well as this though, we set out to be a definitive home for Barnet FC statistics and records. We were able to get some of the way there, but a lot of the information simply didn't exist out there, so the jigsaw remained incomplete.

We called time on the site in 2013, partly out of apathy, partly out of cost, partly as a reaction to relegation and the impending move away from Underhill.

The Return

However, when the UK went into lockdown in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wondered whether there was something we could do to reminisce and that's where the idea of a podcast came along, and naturally we thought we'd bring back the site to sit alongside it.

The podcast ran over three series with many guests from the 1990s to 2010s, including many club legends like Giuliano Grazioli, Lee Harrison and Albert Adomah. We have hung up the mics for now, but who knows what the future might hold. You can listen to them all here .

We've added all the recent records, delved into some more research to find some more, but we are still a way short of finding everything we need to complete the Barnet FC statistical picture. We have all data back to 1901 including appearances and goalscorers. The one exception is the Eastern Floodlit League, a competition played in the 60s and 70s which we are currently working on completing.

We have had a lot of help along the way from individuals to bring the site to where it is now. In particular, John Snow was the original compiler of the professional results history and was kind enough to share them with us when we started out. Tony "Reckless" Hammond has also chipped in with a lot of support for the lineups in the 70s and 80s as well as John Erroll who ticked off a good bit of the 1990s.

I want to give particular thanks to Rob Cavallini whose research completed a full picture of the history of Barnet FC. He has kindly offered to share the data of pre-1965 results to allow us to paint the full picture on the site. You can buy all of the books from his website .

Some materials used are not our copyright, they are used for reference purposes only to provide a service to Barnet FC fans and indeed fans of other clubs. It is not our intention to infringe on any copyright, however if you do find anything on this website that you would prefer to be removed please contact us via e-mail or social media. We do not make a penny of financial gain from the website whatsoever.

Statistical Clarity

All the stats you see on this site count competitive fixtures only. You will find records for non-competitive games, such as friendlies, however these will not count towards a player's appearance count, record wins, etc.

The competitions counted as competitive are; League, Playoffs, FA Cup, FA Trophy, FL Trophy and FA Amateur Cup.
These competitions are counted as competitive until 1993; London Charity Cup, Southern League Cup, Studio Cup, London Senior Cup, Herts Senior Cup, Herts Charity Cup, Premier Inter-League Cup (GMAC and Clubcall Cup), Conference League Cup, Middlesex Senior Cup, Eastern Floodlit League, Premier Midweek League.

The competitions counted as non-competitive are; CTR, Westminster Hospital Cup, MITC, T, JGC, Challenge Cup Match, VC Shield, Friendly.

If you disagree with the above definitions, let us know on social media or via the Mailbox.

Is 1888 Correct?

Barnet FC traces its history back to 1888. Whilst it is true that a club called Barnet FC existed in 1888, it is not the same club that exists now. Originally Woodville FC (1882-1885), then New Barnet FC (1885-1888), the club became Barnet FC in 1888, enjoying success in the North London League and later the London League, but then ceased to exist in the 1901-1902 season.

Two other clubs existed in the area at this time. Barnet Avenue FC (1890), preferring to stay as an amateur club, and Alston Works FC (1901) who played in the London League. Barnet Avenue took on the mantle of Barnet FC in 1904. Alston Works (then Barnet and Alston as of 1906) in the meantime moved to play at Underhill in 1907. The two clubs then merged in 1912 to become Barnet and Alston FC playing in the Athenian League, an amateur league for clubs in the London area.

The club then renamed itself to Barnet FC in 1919 and has remained to the present day. In simple terms there are three different branches to the current day Barnet FC.

Barnet FC (Woodville branch) Formed in 1882. Became New Barnet from 1885-1888 and renamed to Barnet FC in 1888, existing until 1901.

Barnet FC (Avenue branch) Formed in 1890. Renamed Barnet FC in 1904 and were very much the junior part of the merger with Barnet Alston in 1912.

Barnet FC (Alston branch) Formed in 1901 as Alston Works FC. Renamed Barnet Alston FC in 1906 and moved to Underhill in 1907. Merged with Barnet FC (Avenue branch) in 1912 and competed as Barnet and Alston. Renamed Barnet FC in 1919 and continues onto this day. Underhill in 1907. Merged with Barnet FC (Avenue branch) in 1912 and competed as Barnet and Alston. Renamed Barnet FC in 1919 and continues onto this day.

On this basis and having conferred with Rob Cavallini on this matter, the site statistics are laid out as follows.

- Current club records begin in 1901 from the formation of Alston Works FC. Alston Works and Barnet Alston (1901-1912) are considered a continuation of the current club.
- Barnet Avenue FC (1890-1912), known as Barnet FC from 1904-1912, are NOT counted in overall club records until the final merger with in 1912.
- Barnet FC (Woodville branch) are treated the same as Barnet Avenue and are NOT counted in the records. This team did not play against the Alston branch.

Avenue and Woodville results will be laid out separately for reference. Matches played by Barnet Alston against the Avenue team are included in the site with the team being known as Barnet (Avenue).

  All materials on this site copyright Downhill Second Half and its individual authors. Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission. Special thanks to Chris Holland for use of photography and John Snow, John Erroll and Tony Hammond for statistical compilation.

A huge thank you also to Rob Cavallini whose Barnet history books set the basis for our journey to complete all statistics back to the start of Barnet FC.

Club crests, player images, and company logos are the property of their respective owners. They are included in this website for reference purposes only./span>