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Time Up, Surely?
Come on now. By: Eric Hitchmo 06/12/2010
Oxford United
2 1
League 04/12/2010
2010-2011 Attendance: 6004 (279)
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"First things first, apologies for the lack of updates of late. But then, can you really blame us? We've been swept away in the tide of apathy that has been afflicting Underhill this season. It had been a great week. No game on Saturday past, I didn't have to think about Barnet. It was bliss. But then they decided that the Oxford United pitch was playable and we had to endure another statistical inevitability that was an away defeat. With a lead thrown away, again.

Once again I find myself writing about how I didn't go, and how no-one else went. We didn't even manage 300 to one of our more local trips. Shocking, but entirely expected. The patience and faith has been tested to its very limit and no-one is willing to put up with it anymore. It's embarrassing.

I sincerely hope that something is going on behind the scenes, because if not, I'm wondering how badly one individual has to perform to warrant a sacking. There has been barely a suggestion that Mark Stimson is able to manage Barnet FC. Questions are being asked, no supporter wants this man to remain in this position, so why has there been no action from the top yet? We are already running dangerously close to relegation. Surely we cannot be willing to risk our future, i.e. The Hive and the entire club. I cannot think of a reason to keep Stimson in charge. His chance has now gone. It was not the right appointment in the first place, so someone just needs to hold their hands up and admit they got it wrong.

We are risking losing our fanbase. A few years ago, I was there come rain or shine, home or away, but like many others my patience is exhausted, this is not enjoyable. You can only rely on our loyalty for so long. ""Support the club through thick and thin"" is a valid cry, but you are giving us nothing to support. Everyone is so alienated that they are not going out in expectation of seeing a good game or even a win, I'm not even sure what compells me to attend at the moment. What is this club offering me?

Why do we have to sit and watch every club come up from the Conference and perform better than we are? Where are we going wrong? Dagenham are sunning themselves in League One. Aldershot and Morecambe have made the Playoffs. Accrington never seem to be in much danger and Burton continue to do well. The Chavs have come up and done well too. What is it that they are doing that we are not? CLUE: Appointing the right man and investing in the playing staff would be good starting point.

There lies the key for me. We have not put enough money into the team. As a result, our crowds have dropped because the form is so poor. And in turn, less money is available for investing back into the team. We have signed journeymen and players who in the most part give it their all, but their all is just not good enough. There have been some good signings. Steve Kabba is our best player, he makes things happen. Glen Southam fights for the team and his attitude is exemplary, that is why he is popular. Mauro Vilhete is a fantastic prospect, when he isn't sat on the bench. Grant Basey solidifies the back line well. But who else in our squad is worthy of much more note this season? Remember this squad was largely built by Stimson himself. The ""bad luck with injuries"" excuse will only last for so long, the signings made, the squad on the whole, is not good enough.

I believe though that under the right tutelage, they are capable. There is absolutely no confidence through the men on the field. Once one goal goes in, the heads visibly drop. Only one voice tries to keep it all together and it's Glen Southam's, you don't hear anything from Stimson. We've thrown away a winning position on numerous occasions this year, on the rare occasion we've managed to get a goal in front that is. Other times, we concede one and we invariably concede a second soon after and beyond. And when you're managed by a man who has not won a single away game for 19 months, there's no wonder the players don't believe in it.

It's just so frustrating. I've never seen Barnet supporters this apathetic towards the club. I've never seen a manager so universally unpopular. This must change now, otherwise our Football League status will soon become irretrievable."

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